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Crederon, a cloud-based CRM platform, provides a user-friendly experience and complete customizability to elevate your sales and optimize your business operations. It’s an all-in-one solution that caters to all your needs.

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Support For Your Sales Teams/ Sales Operations

Crederon empowers you to oversee the entire sales journey, commencing with the initial customer interaction and culminating in the final purchase. It furnishes you with a comprehensive, real-time perspective on all your sales prospects. Additionally, Crederon facilitates the automation of select sales activities, offering flexibility in the sales process.

Bulk Email and Marketing Automation Software

Crederon fully supports various marketing programs, enabling mass communication and automation. It seamlessly integrates with email platforms like MailChimp and Campaign Monitor, offering two-way communication and in-depth campaign tracking.

  • Easily configure segmented connection lists.
  • Seamlessly integrate with diverse systems.
  • Conveniently access campaign statistics from the Contacts tab.

Organize the Sales Team using the Calendar

Crederon’s calendar is more than just a standard one; it enables comprehensive activity management for you and your team. You can track various event types like meetings, calls, tasks, and services, all connected to your clients.

  • Viewing multiple employees’ schedules simultaneously for efficient sales team supervision.
  • Integration with iOS and Android mobile devices for on-the-go access.
  • Potential integration with external calendars such as Outlook and Google.
  • SMS and email reminders for essential activities.

Support Marketing Operations

Crederon incorporates a built-in module for versatile marketing campaign management. It allows you to filter potential contacts based on specific criteria and launch targeted marketing campaigns such as events, seminars, emails, and direct marketing for selected contacts. 

  • Label and envelope printing.
  • Calculation of the campaign’s gross margin for a comprehensive performance report.
  • Streamlined contact filtering based on past campaign interactions.

    A comprehensive view of all your clients

    Crederon offers a holistic perspective on your clientele, providing a complete 360-degree view of your customers and an overview of all your sales activities within a unified platform. It allows you to effortlessly monitor vital client data, enabling your team to cultivate strong and effective customer relationships.

    With Crederon, you gain access to:

    A comprehensive 360-degree customer view.
    Integration with your ERP system to access financial statements.
    Location mapping through Google Maps integration.

     100% adjustable to boost your sales and business processes

    • Secure data
    • User rights
    • A secure 128-bit SSL connection
    • Reliable system operation
    • Sort your database
    • Make the right decisions
    • Customizable system
    • Win sales opportunities

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