Crederon Empowering Consultation and Solution Management for Access to Exceptional Solutions.

Tailoring Unique Solutions for Your Business

Every company and organization is unique, and that’s why Crederon is dedicated to crafting personalized solutions that perfectly suit your needs. We’ve compiled a checklist of essential CRM features to ensure your CRM solution is a perfect fit.

Secure Data

Strict security standards: security backups, database copying, access restriction to individual IP addresses.

User Rights

Restrict access rights to individual parts of your system for users or groups, based on any criteria.

A secure 128-bit SSL connection

All data between Crederon and the user is encrypted using SSL protocols.

Reliable System Operation

We take care of the servers and all the necessary infrastructure leaving you to focus on your business.

Sort your Database

We provide a detailed overview of customers, potential customers, and all relevant contacts in one place that will save time for you and your associates.

Make The Right Decisions

Our reports give you an accurate overview of your sales channel so you can make the best possible decisions all the time.

Personilized CRM Solutions

How to create and implement custom CRM solution, that are tailored to your specific companies needs?

Analyze your sales and business processes

Does your company communicate with your customers well?
Do you know which opportunities are currently open in the market?
What sales activities do you run, and how could you do this better?
Once you have the whole picture, it will be much more straightforward to identify the goals you want to achieve with a CRM system.

Preparation of a CRM implementation strategy

Planning and preparation of a strategy for the implementation of a CRM solution. With our knowledge and experience, we will help you clearly define measurable goals and KPIs, ascertain the exact procedure for the implementation of a CRM solution and establish time frames. We will also point out any traps and limitations that may occur and recommend suitable solutions to avoid them.

Implementing/upgrading your CRM solution

Our experts will guide you through the entire process of implementation. We will make sure the application will proceed according to the outlined plan while following the established time and financial frameworks. When connecting with other systems, our experts will also help communicate with any external partners.

Migrating existing data to the CRM program

The transfer of existing data from other systems or databases your company owns can be a somewhat complicated process. With years of experience, we have developed methods and tools to very quickly migrate your data to a new CRM system – without any loss or duplication.

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Multilingual use


Crederon can be used in different languages. In addition to its original English language, has already been translated into Chinese, German, French, Spanish and Turkish. We can easily translate it into any other language as well.

Demographic Evaluation
  • It can be translated to any language.
  • Multiple languages ​​can be used simultaneously.
  • Personalized publications (offers, contracts) in any language.
Crederon is easy !
  • Language-flexible platform.
  • Original version available in English.
  • Translated into multiple languages: Chinese, German, French, Spanish, and Turkish.
  • Easy adaptation to other languages as needed.

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